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The Neon Geo Temporal Dashboard (neon-gtd) is a sample analysis dashboard built upon the Neon Framework. It includes a number of geo-spatial and temporal data visualizations built as AngularJS directives that use the Neon framework to query and filter data served by MongoDB, Elastic Search or an Apache Spark server.

Neon is a software platform designed to help developers integrate disparate visualization widgets with your data stores. It includes a Data Access API that makes it easy to query an underlying database directly from JavaScript or RESTful endpoints. Additionally, the Neon Interaction API provides capabilities for inter-widget communication and shared data filters, allowing multiple visualizations to interact without being explicitly aware of one another.

Want to See Neon Working?

To see an example of neon-gtd, Click here. This dashboard application has been loaded with sample Earthquake data to demonstrate multiple data views working together. Use of the dashboard is described in the Neon GTD User Guide.

Each of the widgets in the example application is independent; they do not communicate with each other directly. The Neon server manages all active data filters set by any visualization and applies them to any Neon query in a user session as necessary. Changes in data selections and filter states are promulgated to each visualization via Neon's client-side messaging API.

##Getting Started with Development with Neon## If you are a developer looking to get started with Neon or use this dashboard as a spring-board for another application, the best place to begin is by pulling down the Neon Git repo and visiting the Neon Wiki to learn how to build, deploy, and develop on core Neon. Pre-built Neon and Neon-GTD war files are available at the Neon Framework Website.

For support or other questions, email the Neon team:

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