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@mbrase mbrase released this May 7, 2020

  • Adds new open source C++ client implementation packaged with the release
  • Adds raw BSCAN access (only accessible through the API)
  • Adds reading temperatures from all SLRs
  • Adds power cycling for Bittware boards
  • Supports FK voltage control without PCIe (v2.7.1+)
  • Improves possible voltage range for BCUs (v2.7.1+)
  • Added additional checking for hardware errors when loading a bitstream (v2.7.2+)
  • Added armhf build (v2.7.2+)
  • Added support for Osprey ECU200 (v2.7.3+)
  • Various bug fixes
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@mbrase mbrase released this Jan 15, 2020

  • Adds support for multi-fpga boards (includes updates to CLI output and selector args)
  • Fixes unicode printing in Windows
  • Added a flag to allow using a VCU1525 with an allmine BMC flashed (v2.6.1+)
  • Added support for changing voltage on FK33
  • Various bug fixes
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@mbrase mbrase released this Oct 1, 2019

  • New support for changing the voltage and reading BMC sensors for Bittware boards, such as the CVP-13
    • Requires the Bittworks II Toolkit Lite (2018.6 or newer) to be installed and configured
    • A utility is provided to automate some of the setup
  • Linux on aarch64 (ARMv8-A) architecture is now supported
  • NextJTAG CLI and server can now pass licenses through the REST API
  • Added option to force partial bitstream loading (v2.5.1+)
  • Various bug fixes
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@mbrase mbrase released this Aug 1, 2019

  • Improved temperature and voltage read speed
  • Added flags to read vccaux and vccbram from sysmon
  • Added standalone REST API server executable nextjtag_server
  • Added client mode to nextjtag, to control server remotely
  • Added support for XCVU33P, XCVU35P, and XCU200 FPGAs
  • Added support for BTU9P PRO board (2.4.3+)
  • Added human readable error messages
  • Various bug fixes
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@mbrase mbrase released this Jun 26, 2019

  • Internal optimizations to speed up read operations (e.g. reading voltage and temperature)
  • Added experimental support for AXI read and writes over JTAG (32-bit words only, requires compatible bitstream)
  • Added a check to ensure bitstreams are loaded on the correct FPGA model (on by default, can be disabled, only works with .bit files, not .bin)
  • Various bug fixes
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@mbrase mbrase released this Apr 5, 2019

  • Added support for loading partial bitstreams
  • Optimizations to reduce bitstream load time
    • Reduced unnecessary delays in the code
    • Increased JTAG clock frequency to 30 MHz for most FPGAs
  • Added flag to disable BMC version check (v2.2.1)
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@mbrase mbrase released this Mar 24, 2019

  • Command line arguments now use dashes instead of underscores (ex: --set-voltage instead of --set_voltage), but the old way still works for backwards compatibility
  • Nextjtag now displays FTDI serial number, FPGA model, and DNA when run without arguments
  • New options added to select devices by DNA (-k), serial (-j), or FPGA model (-f)
  • Multiple license file support added. Any file in the current directory or the binary directory that starts with nextjtag_license and ends with .txt is automatically loaded as a license file.
  • Improved scan speed when using proprietary FTDI driver
  • Added support for SQRL Acorns, Huawei FX600, and Trustfarm TCM-FM2L
  • Added support for reading most of the BMC sensors on the BCU1525 (requires bitstream support to do it while the bitstream is running)
  • Added experimental flag to set JTAG frequency (v2.1.2)
  • Fixed issues related to finding the license files (v2.1.3)
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@mbrase mbrase released this Jan 30, 2019

  • Added dual driver support
  • Added voltage control (BCU1525 only)
  • Added driver reload feature to reset driver when it gets into a bad state
  • Added support for CVP13 board (v2.0.1+)
  • Various bug fixes (v2.0.2+)
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@mbrase mbrase released this Dec 20, 2018

  • Added -r flag to reload the bitstream currently stored in flash
  • Reduces memory usage when programming bitstreams in multithreaded mode (added in 1.2.1)
  • Added support for loading compressed bitstreams (added in 1.2.1)
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@mbrase mbrase released this Nov 24, 2018

  • Added Windows support
  • Added new clear command which will clear the currently running bitstream
  • Added checking the current and binary directories for the license file (added in 1.1.1)
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