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Addons concerning odoo's social ERP features and messaging in general


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Social addons for Odoo

Addons concerning Odoo's social ERP features and messaging in general

Available addons

addon version summary
base_search_mail_content Base Search Mail Content
email_template_qweb Use the QWeb templating mechanism for emails
fetchmail_thread_default Post unkonwn messages to an existing thread
mail_activity_board Add Activity Boards
mail_activity_done Mail Activity Done
mail_activity_partner Add Partner to Activities
mail_activity_reminder Reminder notifications about planned activities
mail_activity_team Add Teams to Activities
mail_attach_existing_attachment Adding attachment on the object by sending this one
mail_attach_existing_attachment_account Module to use attach existing attachment for account module
mail_check_mailbox_size Send an email summarizing the current space used by a mailbox
mail_debrand Remove Odoo branding in sent emails
mail_drop_target Attach emails to Odoo by dragging them from your desktop
mail_footer_notified_partner This module adds the list of notified partners in the footer of notification e-mails sent by Odoo.
mail_full_expand Expand mail in a big window
mail_history Module to see old messages
mail_inline_css Convert style tags in inline style in your mails
mail_optional_autofollow Choose if you want to automatically add new recipients as followers on mail.compose.message
mail_optional_follower_notification Choose to notify followers on mail.compose.message
mail_outbound_static Allows you to configure the from header for a mail server.
mail_preview_audio Allow to preview audio files
mail_preview_base Base to add more previewing options
mail_private Create private emails
mail_restrict_follower_selection Define a domain from which followers can be selected
mail_send_copy Send to you a copy of each mail sent by Odoo
mail_template_substitute This module allows to create substitution rules for mail templates.
mail_track_diff_only Mail track diff only
mail_tracking Email tracking system for all mails sent
mail_tracking_mailgun Mail tracking and Mailgun webhooks integration
mail_tracking_mass_mailing Improve mass mailing email tracking
mass_mailing_custom_unsubscribe Know and track (un)subscription reasons, GDPR compliant
mass_mailing_custom_unsubscribe_event Allow to unsubscribe discretely from an event
mass_mailing_event_registration_exclude Link mass mailing with event for excluding recipients
mass_mailing_list_dynamic Mass mailing lists that get autopopulated
mass_mailing_newsletter_welcome_mail Send an automated welcome mail to new newsletter subscribers
mass_mailing_partner Link partners with mass-mailing
mass_mailing_resend Resend mass mailings
mass_mailing_unique Avoids duplicate mailing lists and contacts
message_auto_subscribe_notify_own Receive notifications of your own subscriptions
test_mail_private Mail Pivate Test Addon
website_mass_mailing_name Ask for name when subscribing, and create and/or link partner

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Addons concerning odoo's social ERP features and messaging in general







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