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Coldbox Module to allow Social Login via LinkedIn
ColdFusion JavaScript
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Coldbox Module to allow Social Login via LinkedIn

Setup & Installation

####Add the following structure to Coldbox.cfc linkedin = { oauth = { redirectURL = "{{your_redirect_url_when_linkedin_returns_user}}", loginSuccess = "login.success", loginFailure = "login.failure", apiKey = "{{linkedin_provided_api_key}}", apiSecret = "{{linkedin_provided_api_secret}}", oauthToken = "{{linkedin_provided_oauth_token}}", oauthSecret = "{{linkedin_provided_oauth_secret}}", scope = "r_fullprofile r_emailaddress r_contactinfo w_share r_basicprofile", responseType = "code", grantType = "authorization_code" } },

Interception Point

If you want to capture any data from a successful login, use the interception point linkedInLoginSuccess. Inside the interceptData structure will contain all the provided data from linkedIn for the specific user.

####An example interception could look like this

component {

	function linkedInLoginSuccess(event,interceptData){
		var queryService = new query(sql="SELECT roles,email,password FROM user WHERE linkedinUserID = :id;");
		var lookup = queryService.execute().getResult();

		if( lookup.recordCount ){
			login {
				loginuser password=lookup.password roles=lookup.roles;
			// create new user

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