Single click on spacebar not working in mobile device #408

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Codemirror editor not working properly while pressing the spacebar and when I start to type it will type in horizontal, Please download the following application you can find the option(Please don't miss understand me, i am not trying to spread spam)


You'll need to set up a JSFiddle to demonstrate any bugs you're experiencing.


Please download the above app, and found out the error. The app was run over 5months but now only I found this error. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Downloading an app does not help. For the community to be able to help, we'll need to be able to see the complete source code and run debug tools. That's why you must set up a JSFiddle.

If you're not willing to put forth effort yourself, others will not be either.

minlare commented Sep 5, 2016

Using the default editors on with an android device running chrome, the bugs can be replicated. There is also another problem related to backspace deleting (held down).

It seems like the bugs (double spacebar, backspace deleting) can be fixed by disabling "predictive text on Android"

This is a major breaking bug for Android rendering the editor unusable until this is fixed.


@minlare this sounds like a bug with CodeMirror, the project that powers much of SimpleMDE's editing capabilities.

ndw commented Feb 13, 2017

This bug still seems to exist. Any progress or workarounds?

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