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Thunderstorm Collector

THOR Thunderstorm Collector

The Thunderstorm collectors allow for easy uploads of files to a THOR Thunderstorm instance. Information on THOR Thunderstorm can be found here.

The different collectors allow users to select files based on size, age or type.

This repository contains two types of collectors:

  • Scripts written in different script languages, available for Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows
  • A Thunderstorm Collector written in Go that can be compiled and is pre-compiled for numerous target platforms

Visit the links to the respective sub directories for a detailed README on the different collectors.

Which Collector Should I Use?

We recommend using the Thunderstorm Collector written in Go. Use the scripts in cases in which running a compiled binary is out of question. This could be the case in some very sensitive environmnts or on platforms that are unsupported (e.g. IOT devices with proprietary OS).

Write Your Own Collector

If you'd like to write your own collector, you can find a Python module named thunderstormAPI in this repository.