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Pixel Identity

Pixel Identity is a blazor based UI on top of and Asp.Net Core Identity with an aim to quickly setup an OpenID Connect service for your applications. Pixel Identity provides a web based UI to manage Users and Roles associated with Asp.Net Core Identity as well as entities like OpenIddictApplicationDescriptor and OpenIddictScopeDescriptor required by


  • main : Ongoing dev for migrating to dotnet 8 and openiddict v5.x
  • dotnet6 : This is the stable version with dotnet 6 and openiddict v4.x.


  • Support for multiple databases such as MongoDB, Postgres SQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Blazor based UI to easily manage users, roles, applications and scopes.
  • Extensible design using plugins.
  • Host inside docker or standalone on windows/linux

Getting started

Please see documentation to get started.