The perfect combination: Clean Swift + ReSwift + PromiseKit
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Awesome iOS Starter Kit

The starter kit is designed to help iOS develop can implement their app quickly and resolve common problem easily.
It includes bunch of framework at top of technologies, inlcude new Clean Swift Architecture.
For further infomation, please check out my keynote below.

License Platform

What's inside

  • ReSwift
  • Clean Swift template
  • Promise Kit
  • Userful classes: Networking, BaseObj, Logger, ApplicationManager, Identifier, Registerable, BaseAbility, Worker, Slack Report,....
  • ...


  • Base Foundation
  • Clean Swift Example
  • Networking + Request Protocol
  • Worker Protocol
  • Object Mapping
  • Caching Manager
  • Authentication
  • Realm Driver
  • Router
  • Disk Manager
  • Transition Manager
  • Test

Presentation at Swift Vietnam

✏️Video Facebook 🔴 59:00



Question 🤔

If you have any problem, feels free to shot me an message in ios-starter-kit group at SwiftVietnam


Vinh Nghia Tran


It would be greatly appreciated when you make a pull-quest 🤗


iOS Awesome Starter Kit is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.