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Get info about remote Linux system
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Version : 0.1 License : MIT License

  • get-info is a script to get details about available free disk space and network status of remote machine.

  • This script require SSh.

    • At first configure communication keys by adding switch --add and address of target machine.

      get-info --add <username>@<IP Address>

  • To get-info of remote machine use below example command.

    get-info check <username>@<IP Address>

  • Simple command. To make it simple you can ignore command if the logged in user name exist on remote machine with enabled shell then you can use below simple command.

    get-info check <IP Address>


    get-info check <Hostname>

    If hostname is able to resolve in IP.

For more about license use command

get-info license

Tip: For quick result disable UseDNS UseDNS no option on remote SSh configuration (/etc/ssh/sshd_config).

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