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Move some older s6-overlay over to new format, fixes #2705
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jc21 committed Mar 18, 2023
1 parent 8c15340 commit 82d9452
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@@ -48,10 +48,40 @@ else
echo resolver "$(awk 'BEGIN{ORS=" "} $1=="nameserver" { sub(/%.*$/,"",$2); print ($2 ~ ":")? "["$2"]": $2}' /etc/resolv.conf) valid=10s;" > /etc/nginx/conf.d/include/resolvers.conf

echo "Changing ownership of /data/logs to $(id -u):$(id -g)"
chown -R "$(id -u):$(id -g)" /data/logs

# Handle IPV6 settings
/bin/handle-ipv6-setting /etc/nginx/conf.d
/bin/handle-ipv6-setting /data/nginx

# ref:

# in s6, environmental variables are written as text files for s6 to monitor
# search through full-path filenames for files ending in "__FILE"
echo "❯ Secrets-init ..."
for FILENAME in $(find /var/run/s6/container_environment/ | grep "__FILE$"); do
echo "[secret-init] Evaluating ${FILENAME##*/} ..."

# set SECRETFILE to the contents of the full-path textfile
# if SECRETFILE exists / is not null
if [[ -f "${SECRETFILE}" ]]; then
# strip the appended "__FILE" from environmental variable name ...
STRIPFILE=$(echo "${FILENAME}" | sed "s/__FILE//g")
# echo "[secret-init] Set STRIPFILE to ${STRIPFILE}" # DEBUG - rm for prod!

# ... and set value to contents of secretfile
# since s6 uses text files, this is effectively "export ..."
printf $(cat "${SECRETFILE}") > "${STRIPFILE}"
# echo "[secret-init] Set ${STRIPFILE##*/} to $(cat ${STRIPFILE})" # DEBUG - rm for prod!"
echo "[secret-init] Success! ${STRIPFILE##*/} set from ${FILENAME##*/}"

echo "[secret-init] cannot find secret in ${FILENAME}"

echo "-------------------------------------
_ _ ____ __ __

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