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@jc21 jc21 released this 02 Aug 02:15

Important: Back up your entire instance before using this new version! As with any new version, there may be breaking changes.

  1. Bring your docker instance down
  2. Zip or copy your data and letsencrypt folders
  3. Pull this new image jc21/nginx-proxy-manager:2.10.4
  4. Bring up your docker stack and check for any problems in the logs
  5. Renew your DNS certs
  6. Check some or all of your hosts for expected behaviour


  • Add DNS to DNS challenges (thanks @deftdawg)
  • Prevent excessive disk writes by only adding frontend service when in development (thanks @6twenty)
  • update year 2022 -> 2023 in footer (thanks @lug-gh)
  • Fix device or resource busy when patching IPv6 settings (thanks @xrh0905)
  • Add support for nginx 444 default response (thanks @wrouesnel)
  • Fix for ignored ssl_protocols and ssl_ciphers directive (thanks @nietzscheanic)
  • Add to certbot dns plugins (thanks @FlixMa)
  • Corrected docker-compose.yml in docs (thanks @andycandy-de)
  • drop --user on pip install dns plugin (thanks @wolviex and everyone who tested it)
  • Updated dependencies

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