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@jc21 jc21 released this 02 May 00:05
· 42 commits to master since this release

Important: Back up your entire instance before using this new version! As with any new version, there may be breaking changes.

  1. Bring your docker instance down
  2. Zip or copy your data and letsencrypt folders
  3. Pull this new image jc21/nginx-proxy-manager:2.11.2
  4. Bring up your docker stack and check for any problems in the logs
  5. Renew your DNS certs manually
  6. Check some or all of your hosts for expected behaviour


  • Update certbot-dns-infomaniak (thanks @Fuechslein)
  • update certbot-dns-strato to latest version (thanks @jdolderer)
  • Add DNS multi (thanks @starsoccer)
  • update certbot-dns-transip to latest version (thanks @leinelissen)
  • Update certbot-dns-goddaddy (thanks @wolviex)
  • replaced chown with find -not -user -execdir chown (thanks @woodmichl)
  • Update certbot-dns-duckdns version (thanks @sdaqo)
  • Access-List fix so that nginx config is loaded after configuration happens (thanks @timob)
  • Update to support Podman (thanks @michto01)
  • Fix: increase max number of domains to 100 (match with Let's Encrypt) (thanks @davidindra)
  • Adding easyDNS provider (thanks @drachul)
  • Add FreeDNS certbot plugin (thanks @bricas)
  • Add DNS Provider TimeWeb Cloud (thanks @hywax)
  • Updated certbot-dns-websupport plugin to 2.0.1 (thanks @setrin)

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