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@jc21 jc21 released this 08 Nov 11:00


  • update certbot-dns-duckdns to 0.9 (thanks @Nobody84)
  • Add webp format to assets.conf for Cache Assets (thanks @mantoufan)
  • Added autofocus to email input on login screen (thanks @wnhrt)
  • Added Domeneshop certbot DNS plugin (thanks @oleban)
  • Added Namecheap certbot DNS plugin (thanks @knoxell)
  • Added DomainOffensive certbot DNS plugin (thanks @DFS-90)
  • Fix DISABLE_IPV6 flag handling (thanks @Czocher)
  • Fix Possible multiple X-Forwarded-For headers (thanks @lakkeri)
  • Linked to contributors instead of managing for every release
  • Various documentation typos and updates

Docker images

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