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SA2 Randomizer

Sonic Adventure 2 Rando (SA2Rando or SA2R) is a mod of the PC Steam Version of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The aim of the project is to randomize as much as possible in the game, while maintaining the playablity of it. The idea of SA2R started as a simple project to load random characters into random stages in a random order with some logic to make it beatable. It has since exploded! The current goal of SA2R is to make all missions completable and enjoyable with as many characters in the game, without sacrificing too much for it.

All A-ranks and possibly even 180 emblems should be possible on most seeds and most settings!

A link to a trailer for the upcoming patch.


Download the asset of the latest release named "SA2Rando.7z" from the releases page.


  1. Make sure you have the SA2 Mod Loader downloaded from this link.
  2. Make sure to extract the Mod Loader's contents into your main SA2 folder.
  • By default your SA2 folder should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Once all Mod Loader's files and folders are there, run ModManager and click 'Install Loader'
  1. You should now notice that you have a mods folder in your SA2 folder!
  2. Download the latest version of SA2R and place the entire folder in the mods folder
  3. Your path should look something like SA2 folder/mods/SA2Rando/all your SA2R files
  4. If all the above steps have been done properly, you should be able to run ModManager and select SA2R!
  • To configure options for SA2R, highlight the mod in ModManager and click 'Configure' to see all options
  1. At this point save, play and enjoy!!!

ModManager has a wonderful tool in the options to check for updates of your mods, this can help you update SA2R easily!


Join the SA2Rando Discord!