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Recommended Compilation Directions

Basically, you'll need a working toolchain, nettle, and libarchive >= 3.0.3 (with gzip support).

If you don't want to bother, static binaries are available here:

To compile for Linux:
1) Install the dependency packages: zlib-dev, libarchive-dev, libssl-dev
1.5) Debian/Ubuntu people: You'll need zlib1g-dev, libarchive-dev and libarchive12
2) Compile using "make" in the tool's directory
3) If you want to install it in /usr/local, run "make install". (I'd recommend using this through the checkinstall tool on Debian/Ubuntu).
2.5) If GCC throws a fit about libarchive, or if it fails to link with a bunch of undefined references to archive_* symbols, your libarchive version is too old.
You'll have to build it manually (get the latest 3.x release from
See for more details. Or try using the script in the tools folder.

Fellow Gentoo users, there's a portage overlay over on, enjoy ;).

To compile for OSX:
1) If you're using Homebrew, see

To compile for Windows:
1) Get Cygwin
2) Install the required packages for a proper toolchain (gcc4, binutils, autoconf, automake, libtool, make, ...)
3) Install the packages: libnettle4 / libnettle-devel, zlib / zlib-devel, git, cmake, patch, pkg-config, libxml2-devel
4) Compile and install libarchive >= 3.0.3
4.1) I recommend a minimal build configured via
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-static --enable-shared --disable-xattr --disable-acl --with-zlib --without-bz2lib --without-lzmadec --without-iconv --without-lzma --without-nettle --without-openssl --without-expat --without-xml2
4.2) If you want to download it via wget from the Cygwin shell, you'll have to install wget & curl, and jump through a few hoops to setup the SSL CA certs... (cf.
5) Compile using "make" in the tool's directory
6) Install it by running "make install"

BIS) Alternatively, you can also build a native version with a MinGW or MinGW-w64 toolchain.
On a native MinGW+MSYS toolchain, you'll probably have to tweak the Makefile, but it should handle a Linux cross toolchain properly with the mingw target ;).
Check the tools/mingw directory for more details.
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