module and service management of ios app
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module and service management of ios app

add to your project

management by cocoapods, use:

pod    'AppLord'


what is module? every business or task could be module.

when the module init? when app launch or after app launch

how to impl?

first, create class:

#import <AppLord/AppLord.h>
@interface MyModule : NSObject <ALModule>

then, impl like this:

@AppLordModule(MyModule) // Annotation for regist the module, required
@implementation MyModule

// module object init
- (void)moduleDidInit:(ALContext *)context
    // do some init thing



we can receive events from other modules in a module, but it does not always meet the demand. we can't notify back to the sender. so we provide another way to transfer event between modules: service.

How to use?

Define your custom service

@protocol MyService <ALService>

- (void)doSomething;


Impl it

@interface MyServiceImpl : NSObject <MyService>


@AppLordService(MyService, MyServiceImpl) // regist MyService's Impl class: MyServiceImpl
@implementation MyServiceImpl

- (void)doSomething


// optional
+ (BOOL)globalVisible
    // if return YES, service will be always in the memory


How to get the instance of service?

id<MyService> service = [[ALContext sharedContext] findServiceByName:@"MyService"];
// or
id<MyService> service = [[ALContext sharedContext] findService:@protocol(MyService)];