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This library is a System Verilog and VHDL parser, preprocessor and code generator for Python/C++. It contains:

  • ANTLR4 generated VHDL/(System) Verilog parser with full language support.
  • Convertors from raw VHDL/SV AST to universal HDL AST (hdlConvertor::hdlAst and it's python equivalent.).
  • Convertors from this HDL AST to SV/VHDL/JSON and other formats.
  • Compiler focused utils for manipulation with HDL AST.
    • HdlAstVisitor, id resolution, sensitivity detection, vhdl <-> verilog type conversion, ...


Supported languages:


Linux: Installing dependencies (Ubuntu 19.04)

# we recommend to use gcc>=9, Visual Studio 2017 or equivalent
sudo apt install build-essential uuid-dev cmake default-jre python3 python3-dev python3-pip libantlr4-runtime-dev antlr4

Installing this library

# note this may be older version than you see in repo
sudo pip3 install hdlConvertor

# or download repository and run
sudo pip3 install --upgrade --force-reinstall --no-cache-dir git+
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
sudo python3 install -j$(nproc)

# if you are using version from git rather uninstall
# old library first if required
# sudo pip3 uninstall hdlConvertor 

Installer also supports other options which may be usefull

python install --prefix /tmp/python_install/ -j$(nproc) --build-type Debug -- -DANTLR_JAR_LOCATION=/antlr-4.7.1-complete.jar -- VERBOSE=1

You can also install only C++ library/generate .deb package (nothing specific, just normal cmake-based library)

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && cmake . --build
cpack # to generate .deb package


Take a look at appveyor.yml. It is required to download antlr4 first and have visual studio or other c++ compiler installed.


The HDL AST (the parsed code) is represented by objects from hdlConvertor.hdlAst. Parsing and code modification is straightforward, as you can see in following example Binder

Similar projects:

(Tell us If you know about some other project!)

  • cl-vhdl - lisp, Parser of VHDL into lisp-expressions
  • HDL_ANTLR4 - C# projects that use ANTLR4 library to analyse VHDL and Verilog code
  • hdlparse - vhdl/verilog parser in python
  • ieee1800_2017 - Java, SystemVerilog preprocessor
  • Pyverilog - python verilog toolkit
  • pyVHDLParser - python vhdl parser with 2008 support
  • RgGen - CSR (Configuration and Status Registers) generator
  • rust_hdl - rust vhdl 2008 parser
  • slang - Parser and compiler library for SystemVerilog.
  • sv-parser - Rust, SystemVerilog parser library fully complient with IEEE 1800-2017
  • systemc-clang - SystemC Parser using the Clang Front-end
  • v2sc - vhdl to systemc
  • veelox - Java+ANTLR, An experiment in SystemVerilog Preprocessing
  • verible -C++, SystemVerilog parser, style-linter, and formatter
  • verilog-parser - A Flex/Bison Parser for the IEEE 1364-2001 Verilog Standard.
  • vbpp - C, Verilog PreProcessor
  • tree-sitter-verilog - JS, Verilog grammar for tree-sitter
  • Verilog-Perl
  • - verilog preprocessor with integrated Perl
  • sv2v- Haskell, SystemVerilog to Verilog
  • Surelog - C++, System Verilog 2017 Pre-processor and parser
  • verible - C++, System Verilog 2017 parser
  • pyvsc - C++, library for Verification Stimulus and Coverage description
  • UHDM - rust, universal hardware data model
  • istyle-verilog-formatter - c++, Verilog formatter
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