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jupyter_widget_hwt CircleCI

A Jupyter witdgets for visualization of hwt based circuits.

Example Binder


To install use pip (package not yet in PIP, you have to install manually, see dockerfile):

$ pip3 install jupyter_widget_hwt
$ # optionally check
$ # jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension
$ jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_widget_hwt
$ # optionally you can also enable extension manager
$ jupyter nbextensions_configurator enable --user

To install for jupyterlab

$ jupyter labextension install jupyter_widget_hwt

For a development installation (requires npm),

pip3 install jupyterlab
jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager
jupyter contrib nbextension install --user --symlink
git clone
cd jupyter_widget_hwt
# python3 build
pip3 install --upgrade --force-reinstall --no-cache-dir -e .
# jupyter-nbextension install --py --symlink jupyter_widget_hwt --user
jupyter nbextension enable jupyter_widget_hwt --user --py
# rebuild javascript
jupyter-nbextension install js --minimize=False --debug --user
# initialize this nbextension in the browser every time the notebook (or other app) loads
jupyter-nbextension enable jupyter_widget_hwt --user

Uninstall with all dependencies

pip3 uninstall -y hdlConvertorAst hwt hwtGraph ipCorePackager jupyter-widget-hwt pyDigitalWaveTools pyMathBitPrecise pycocotb

When actively developing your extension, build Jupyter Lab with the command:

$ jupyter lab --watch

This take a minute or so to get started, but then allows you to hot-reload your javascript extension. To see a change, save your javascript, watch the terminal for an update.

Note on first jupyter lab --watch, you may need to touch a file to get Jupyter Lab to open.

Optionally you can manually download a depndencies and libraries with examples add them to a PYTHONPATH if you do not want to install them.

export PYTHONPATH="$PYTHONPATH:$PWD/../pyMathBitPrecise:$PWD/../pyDigitalWaveTools:$PWD/../hdlConvertorAst:\

before running jupyter.

Running in Docker

sudo docker build --tag jupyter_widget_hwt .
# use -p to propagate jupyter ports, -u to run as current user, -v to share exampes, -w to set work dir
sudo docker run -p8888:8888 \
    -u $(id -u ${USER}):$(id -g ${USER}) \
    -v ${PWD}/examples:/opt/jupyter_widget_hwt_examples \
    -w /opt/jupyter_widget_hwt_examples \
    --name jupyter_widget_hwt -it jupyter_widget_hwt\
    jupyter notebook --ip --port 8888

sudo docker rm jupyter_widget_hwt

Potentially useful commands

# complete reinstall of jupyter
rm -r ~/.jupyter
pip3 install --upgrade --force-reinstall --no-cache-dir jupyter ipywidgets

This jupyter widget was build using widget-cookiecutter


Jupyter widget with interactive schematic for hwt circuints




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