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CS4732 Spider Coaster!

Simpler roller coaster, programmed in Dart, using three.dart, and rendering for WebGL.

Live demo: Project source:



  • In the rider
    • T = Toggles between First person/Chase Camera/Free Camera (WASDQE and mouse look, right mouse forward, left mouse backward)
  • In the editor
    • Click on a cube face to move the cube in the direction of the face normal.
    • While dragging a cube, press D, to duplicate the cube.
    • While dragging a cube, press delete, to delete the cube.

Herique Polido:

  • Coaster spline calculation
  • Rail mesh creation
  • Rail editor
  • Chase Camera
  • Part of coaster rider
  • Fixed numerous bugs in the Three.dart library

Andrew Feeney:

  • Cart Controller
    • Energy based velocity
    • Force calculations
  • SparkParticleHandler
  • SparkParticle
  • Third Person camera in CoasterRider
  • Spark Particle System handling in CoasterRider
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