This is a series of short visualizations that don't deserve their own repo
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This is a random assortment of visualizations that don't deserve their own repo. Mostly D3.js and Python

Flight Delays

A d3.js visulazation showing the worst airports and states in terms of total flight delays and percentage of flights delayed. Data was collected from here Flight Delays

Videogame Genres Over Time

A python based stackchart using data from here Genres over time

Interracial Marriage:

A d3.js visulazation remixing some pew research data showing which groups are most likely to be in an interracial marriage normalized by the size of that group. Interracial Marriage

Jazz Greats:

A python visulaization showing jazz greats that died sooner than the life-expectancy average of the year they were born in (data grabbed from wikipedia) Jazz Greats

Housing Crisis:

Using the survey of consumer finances I plotted the winners and loser of the financial crisis. Generally, the rich did well and the poor did badly because of how they they keep their wealth. Jazz Greats