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Create vanity ethereum addresses like 0xda66666666c3a809ADA79D93114a3662073cC0 through brute force. Also has the ability to load a dictionary file and search for alphanumeric combinations of those words at the ends of the address, or in the middle. You can enter in your own word to search for, but be wary that your phrase becomes increasingly ra…
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Bruteforce Ethereum vanity addresses like 0xda66666666c3a809ADA79D93114a3662073cC0, with ability to search for words from a dictionary and alphanumeric combinations.


Requires ethereum library:

python -m pip install ethereum


Bruteforce Ethereum Vanity Addresses. [-h] [-f FILE] [-r] [-m MIN] [-n] [-e] [-o OUTPUT] [-v]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file FILE  Search for words from a file.
  -r, --replace         Allow for swapping letters with hex characters, e.g. o -> 0.
  -m MIN, --min MIN     Minimum word length
  -n, --numbers         Search for 444444, 99999999 etc.
  -e, --ends            Check only start and ends of address for match.
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        File to write found addresses to.
  -v, --verbose         Print out addresses as they are being checked


To search for words from a file, with some letter replacement (e.g. allow e to be substituded with 3):

python -r -f dict.txt
0xD5978F48273DEcAf338B8fAACbb2e8CddbeBc8f3       (DecAf)

To search for more than 6 consecutive numbers in an address

python -m 6 -n

To search for words longer than 4 characters from the default dictionary, with replacement, at the start or end of the address:

python -r -f dict.txt -m 4 -e
0xc0de6c3fbB1966b5433026BB5219CF6a8C306A3f      (c0de)

Editing Letter Replacements

To change what letters are replaced (-r), edit and edit the following:

replaceOptions = {
    #'a': ['a' ,'4'],
    #'b': ['b','8'],
    #'e': ['e', '3'],
    'g': ['6'],
    #'i': ['1'],
    #'l': ['1'],
    'o': ['0'],
    's': ['5'],
    #'t': ['7'],
    #'z': ['2']

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