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What to print:
STL files are located in the STLs/ directory.  Ignore the file names 
that start with an underscore (ie: _M3x10.stl), as these are vitamins.

See the bom.csv file for the official BOM, which includes quantity
of the various printed parts.

Image previews (and quantity) can be found on the RepRap Wally page:

The large parts taking a long time to print may be printed individually
or grouped into platters if you trust your printer with what could be
a very long print.  The smaller parts (partiticularly the nuts and 
washers) should be grouped and printed together for best results, 

One suggested way of plating the parts is listed below.  Most parts are
printed individually or two-up, with the smaller parts grouped into
three plates: A, B, and C.  You may wish to slice the parts on plate
C with less than the recommended 0.3mm layer height, as it can improve 
the quality of the printed nuts and screws.

Parts to Print                                                          Unit    Unit    Total   Total
                                        Plate                           Time*   Mass*   Time*   Mass*
Qty Filename (in STLs/ dir)     Notes     (qty) BOM Part Name           hh:mm   grams   hh:mm   grams
 1  bed bracket right_MIR.stl           1x      Left Bed Bracket        02:10     60    02:10     60
 1  bed bracket right.stl               1x      Right Bed Bracket       02:10     60    02:10     60
 2  big pulley.stl                      1x (2)  Big Pully               03:35     74    07:10    148
 1  bowden nut.stl               [2]    C       Bowden Nut              00:15      5    00:15      5
 2  corner tab.stl                      A       Corner Tab              00:19      7    00:38     14
 2  edge tab.stl                        A       Edge Tab                00:16      5    00:32     10
 1  filament drive mount.stl            B       Filament Drive Mount    00:57     22    00:57     22
 1  hub screw.stl                [2]    C       Hub Screw               00:37      9    00:37      9
 1  hub washer.stl                      A       Hub Washer              00:01     <1    00:01      0
 1  lock nut.stl                 [2]    C       Lock Nut                00:10      3    00:10      3
 4  plastic washer.stl                  A       Bed Washers             00:01     <1    00:04      1
 1  spool holder.stl                    1x      Spool Holder            01:33     30    01:33     30
 1  standoff.stl                        1x      Standoff                00:31      8    00:31      8
 2  string tensioner.stl                A       String Tensioner        00:13      4    00:26      8
 1  xy forearm.stl               [1]    1x      XY Forearm              02:22     66    02:22     66
 2  xy mount.stl                        2x      XY Mount                01:34     26    03:08     52
 2  xy pulley.stl                [2]    C       XY Pully                00:17      4    00:34      7
 1  xy ubis mount arm.stl               1x      Hot End Arm             01:50     52    01:50     52
 6  xy wall arm.stl                     2x (3)  Arm                     01:53     48    11:18    288
 2  z arm wall bracket.stl              2x      Z Arm Wall Bracket      01:06     28    02:12     56
 1  z idler.stl                         A       Z Idler                 00:05      1    00:05      1
 1  z motor mount.stl                   B       Z Motor Mount           00:53     19    00:53     19
 1  z pulley holder.stl                 B       Bed Pully Holder        00:25      8    00:25      8
 1  z pulley.stl                 [2]    C       Z Pully                 00:16      3    00:13      3
                                                                        Grand Total     40:14    930

[1] The XY Forearm requires printing with support.  Mass values include
the support material (as generated by Slic3r 1.0.0RC1 default settings)

[2] You may wish to print these parts with a layer thickness less than
the 0.3mm recommended for all other parts.

* Time and Mass are approximate.  Values listed were measured by Charles 
Steinkuehler using a 0.5mm nozzle and honeycomb infill (both of which 
affect part weight).  Exact print time and part mass will depend on your 
particular printer, filament, platter arrangement, retraction, and 
slicing settings.  Shane Graber reports a total mass for all parts of 
820g (including support) using an 0.4mm nozzle and rectilinear infill, 
so there is obviously variation based on your printer, filament, and 
slicing settings.


Recommended settings for all parts:

0.3mm layer thickness
3 perimeters
3 top/bottom layers (or apx. 1 mm)
15% rectilinear infill
Inside perimeters first

All parts should be printed as oriented in the STL file.  This means
the "xy forearm" must be printed with support.  All other files are 
printable without support.

An example Slic3r v1.0.0RC1 configuration file (used by Charles 
Steinkuehler to record the print times and part mass values above) is 
provided in:


Printing Tips:

At least a heated bed is required to avoid warped parts, and hair spray, 
blue tape, PVA glue slurry, or other options to improve adhesion may
also prove useful.

If your parts are curling, increase the temperature on the heated bed.