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A command line interface to customize iterm2.
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cliTerm2 😎


This project is under active development. The end goal is to have a nice way to quickly customize aspects of your iTerm2 instance right from the command line you're already using. This is a personal project so expect updates to be sporadic. Hit me with a PR or issues ticket if you would like.


  • Right now all this does is fetch a random submission from the subreddit of your choice and sets it as your terminal background. Try it with cliTerm2 reddit earthporn or cliTerm2 reddit minimalwallpaper.

How to Install

  • Make sure you have Python 3.5 or higher.
  • Make sure you have iTerm2.
  • pip3 install praw (this will let you connect to the reddits)
  • Copy and paste the following for the installation (you can use .zshrc instead of .bash_profile if that's your thing):
    # cliTerm2 Installation
    git clone $HOME/.cliTerm2
    echo PATH="$HOME/.cliTerm2:${PATH}" >> ~/.bash_profile
    source ~/.bash_profile
  • Now type this to see what you can do:
    $ cliTerm2 help


    cliTerm2 [parameter]

    cliTerm2 [subreddit]   -   Grab a random image from 'subreddit', and make it your terminal background.
    cliTerm2 help          -   Display this help message.


Making the font colors black and the terminal window transparent will help make everything look better when you change your terminal's background. Since cliTerm2 only changes the background, the transparency must be done manually:

  1. Navigate to iTerm2 > Preferenes > Profiles > colors
  2. Pick Dark Background from the color presets.
  3. Navigate to iTerm2 > Preferences > Profiles > Window
  4. Set the transparency to about 1/8 to 1/4.
  5. Hit the "blur" checkbox.
  6. Set the blur to maximum.
  7. Optionally you can set the blending to maximum.


Solutions for Issues

If you experience a line at the top of the terminal after changing the background, you can remove it by typing in the clear command or opening a new terminal.

Notes & Credits

  • This project would not exist if not for the excellent Pokemon-Terminal project by LazoCoder. I forked their work as an way to begin making what I wanted to create, and would be totally lost without it.
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