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Fix one autoblanking bug

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commit 141116a78c1b5051780722475028b1acedb10024 1 parent 70ad3f1
@batterseapower batterseapower authored
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  1. +4 −1 pinyin/anki/
5 pinyin/anki/
@@ -95,7 +95,10 @@ def onFocusLost(self, fact, field):
# Changed fields have their "generated" tag stripped. NB: ALWAYS update the fact (even if the
# field hasn't changed) because we might have changed ANOTHER field to e.g. blank it, and now
# by moving focus from the expression field we indicate that we want to fill it out.
- self.updatefact(fact,, fieldchanged and pinyin.factproxy.unmarkgeneratedfield(field.value) or None)
+ #
+ # NB: be careful with this ternary statement! It's perfectly OK for field.value to be "", and if
+ # that happens we CAN'T let fieldvalue in updatefact be None, or autoblanking gets broken.
+ self.updatefact(fact,, (fieldchanged and [pinyin.factproxy.unmarkgeneratedfield(field.value)] or [None])[0])
def updatefact(self, fact, fieldname, fieldvalue):
# Are we not in a Mandarin model?

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