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A smidgen of extra logging in the updater

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1 parent 592acf0 commit 5353d088bb9a41d175260b62c610ffc29bcb23cb @batterseapower batterseapower committed Nov 23, 2009
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@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@ def updatefact(self, fact, value, alwaysreformat=False):
fact[self.field] = self.reformatter.reformatfield(self.field, graph, alwaysreformat=alwaysreformat)
graph[self.field] = (False, utils.Thunk(lambda: fact[self.field]))
+"Keys in the graph after update: %r", graph.keys())
for field in fact:
if shouldupdatefield(self.graphbasedupdater.config)(field):
fact[field] = (graph[field][0] and factproxy.markgeneratedfield or (lambda x: x))(graph[field][1]())

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