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Economics, Causality, and Analytics

These are the course materials for the upcoming CSU Fullerton class ECON 305: Economics, Causality, and Analytics (minus the exams and homeworks; instructors contact me directly if you'd like to see these).

The syllabus and writing assignment sheets are in the main folder.

Lectures can be found in the Lectures folder. These are in RMarkdown Presentation format. Compiled HTML files are there as well as well as any other files necessary to render the completed slides. Completed HTML files are included, but will be easier to see fully rendered. Check My Website for links.

Papers includes the papers referenced in the lectures or other parts of the class.

Cheat Sheets contains cheat sheets downloaded from standard sources like RStudio, as well as a few of my own for things like dagitty, causal diagrams, and relationships between variables.

Code for the animations used in the lectures (or very nearly; it's been modified) can be found in the RMarkdown files, or at this repo.


Class materials for "Economics, Causality, and Analytics"




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