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Provide Google's Calendar private address when your admin has disabled that sharing option.
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Google ICalendar Sync

The idea of the project is to provide a endpoint to export an ical formatted output of a private calendar.

Normally, you would use the default Private Address, but, if your admin has not allow that sharing option you won't see it. This project provides the same functionallity but, as it uses the google api, you always can create the link.

This APP doesn't store any info nor token, the necessary auth is stored in the generated url.

Note: Sometimes when a ics (e.g.: the url generated by this app) is tried to be imported to google calendar, google will refuse to import it without showing any error nor hitting the url, this might be solved trying a shorter url. This is the reason the calendar url generated by this app is "short".


  • [] Export alarm settings


MIT © Nicolas Cisco

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