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Nick's Dotfiles - README

This is just a collection of my personal dot files. Vim plugins are managed using git submodules


  1. First be sure you have the necessary dependencies installed. On Debian you would run:

    sudo apt-get install git ruby rake python silversearcher-ag

    or on Mac OSX:

    brew install macvim --override-system-vim
    brew install cmake git
    brew install the_silver_searcher #better Ack (provides the 'ag' command)
    brew install reattach-to-user-namespace #To fix tmux issues with OSX (launchctrl, copy/paste, etc)
  2. Install ruby (I recommend either rbenv or rvm to manage your rubies)

  3. Then run the following commands:

    git clone ~/.dotfiles
    cd ~/.dotfiles
  4. Install Powerline compatible fonts by following the instructions here (optional, Powerline will still work, just won't look as nice)

  5. Build YouCompleteMe

    cd ~/.dotfiles/vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe && ./
  6. Build ctrlp-cmatcher (much faster ctrlp)

    cd ~/.vim/bundle/ctrlp-cmatcher/ && ./
  7. You may want to copy the config files for Powerline and customize them as you desire.

    mkdir ~/.config/powerline
    cp -R ~/.dotfiles/vim/bundle/powerline/powerline/config_files/* ~/.config/powerline
  8. Change your shell to zsh (optional) chsh -s /bin/zsh


I had problems with getting MacVim from Homebrew to link to my updated version of python. Found an answer here

If you get zsh auto complete errors, make sure permissions are correct.

    compaudit                     #Discover what files are issues
    chmod -R go-w ~/.oh-my-zsh    #Fix them
    rm -f ~/.zcompdump*; compinit #Reload them (or restart the terminal session)
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