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// -----------------------------------------
// Publish Argon data and Dashboard with Capacitive Moisture Sensors
// -----------------------------------------
// This app will publish an event every 30 seconds reporting the moisture sensor analog and percentage
// We start by declaring which pins everything is plugged into.
int boardLed = D7; // This is the LED that is already on your device.
// On the Core, it's the LED in the upper right hand corner.
// On the Photon, it's next to the D7 pin.
int moisture_pin = A1; // This is where your capacitive moisture sensor is plugged in.
// We start with the setup function.
void setup() {
pinMode(boardLed,OUTPUT); // Our on-board LED is output as well
pinMode(moisture_pin,INPUT); // Our capacitive moisture sensor pin is input (reading the capacitive moisture sensor)
// Just to make sure everything is workign we are going to toggle the LED on and then off really quickly 3x
void loop() {
/* In this loop function, we're going to check to read the moisture sensor
After a specified time period we'll send a Particle.publish() to the cloud.
// Now we'll take some readings...
int moisture_analog = analogRead(moisture_pin); // read capacitive sensor
float moisture_percentage = (100 - ( (moisture_analog/4095.00) * 100 ) );
float voltage = analogRead(BATT) * 0.0011224;
Particle.publish("plantStatus_voltage", String(voltage),60,PUBLIC);
// Send a publish to your devices...
Particle.publish("plantStatus_analog", String(moisture_analog),60,PUBLIC);
Particle.publish("plantStatus_percentage", String(moisture_percentage),60,PUBLIC);
// wait 10 minutes
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