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Bullet Physics Wrapper for Openframeworks
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ofxBullet v2.0

An OpenFrameworks add-on for Bullet Physics


Currently bullet libs are compiled for osx, vs2012, iOS and linux. (Not tested on Linux with 008)
Linux compatibility thanks to Benjamin Knofe aka @benben
VS2012 compatibility thanks to Kentaro Yama aka @kentaroid

To compile libs for PC, view here:

OpenFrameworks -
Bullet Physics -

Current Supported Versions: OpenFrameworks 008 -
Bullet Physics 2.81-rev2613 -

Previous Versions

ofxBullet v1.0 (supports OF 007x and Linux. Uses bullet 2.77) -


Move the ofxBullet folder into OpenFrameworks > addons
Copy the EmptyExample Folder from ofxBullet into the OF/apps/yourFolderName/

3D logo by Lauren Licherdell:

Control bodies, move them, rotate them.
If you would like to control rigid bodies that will influence others, please read,7954.0.html

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