OSX helper utils for system configuration. Includes an application focused on configuring a mac for long term interactive installations.
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This class includes functions to make it easier to work with OSX applications. It was designed to configure OSX for long term installations. Tested with OF v.0.08 and OSX 10.8 - 10.10.

This addon is evolving and new functionality is currently being added.


Some of this functionality can be difficult to undo, for example accidentally turning off screen sharing on a remote computer you don't have access to.


Added a GUI to easily configure a mac for a long term installtion. Instafigurator

Example Functionality:

  • Set Wifi to on, off.
  • Set GateKeeper
  • Disable Notification Center
  • Disable / Enable Software Updates
  • Disable Bluetooth and its notifications
  • Disable Screen Saver
  • Disable Power Saver
  • Set the Desktop Image
  • Take screen captures on all monitors
  • Many more functions...

If you want to use some of the functionality, you need to activate some objective-c functionality. Add the following line to the project.xcconfig. project.xcconfig

Any files that will be using ofxMacUtils with OFX_MAC_UTILS_USE_OBJ_C active need to be set to compile as Objective-C++ Source. You can do that by selecting the file and changing the type drop down to Objective-C++ Source. Don't forget to change main.cpp also! If you are still having trouble, try Project > Clean and then build again. See image below. Change source on main.cpp

You can also set all the files in your project to compile as Objective-C++ Source in the Build Settings of the project. Using this method, you don't have to change each file individually, but all of your files need to be compatible with Objective-C++ (.h, .cpp, .mm, .m, etc.). See Image below. Change source on project

Receiving this message? Look at the included PowerNotifications example on how to avoid it. Log Out Message