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Addon for OpenFrameworks for parsing svg files.
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Addon for OpenFrameworks for parsing svg files. Uses libsvgtiny and libxml2 included in ofxSvg for parsing paths. Be sure to include ofxSvg in your project.

Current version compatible with OpenFrameworks 10.
OF 0.9->0.98

OF 0.7->0.8.4:

Loads a svg file and parses it for easy navigation.
Groups, rectangles, images, circles, ellipses, text and paths/lines.

Several use cases are shown in the provided example.

Grab a group by passing in the name of the group.
shared_ptr< ofxSvgGroup > logoGroup = svg.get< ofxSvgGroup >("logo");

Grab nested groups by passing in the hierarchy to the group separated by colons.
shared_ptr< ofxSvgGroup > cloudGroup = svg.get< ofxSvgGroup >("sky:clouds");

Get all of the elements of a certain type by calling getElementsForType
vector< shared_ptr< ofxSvgImage > > trees = svg.getElementsForType< ofxSvgImage >("trees");

System fonts are supported. Also searches for a folder "fonts" in the same directory as loaded svg file for cross platform compatability.

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