Tweening Engine for OpenFrameworks
C++ C

ofxTweenzor v 2.0

C++ Tweening Library


  • Complete events with small footprint
  • Ping pongning
  • Repeat tweens
  • Params structure for easy creation
  • OpenFrameworks 007 Examples!


  • Rearranged folders to addon structure, may have broken visual studio project.
  • Added ofFloatColor, ofVec2f, ofVec3f, ofVec4f and ofRectangle tweenable properties (@tiagosr)

  • Fixed memory allocation issue!

  • Re-worked event structure, so getting tweens and adding listeners is different than previous version
  • Complete event now returns pointer to the variable
  • added update( millis ) to make it platform independent ( but only tested in OpenFrameworks )
  • added some more examples
  • ping ponging capable
  • can define number of times to repeat a tween before firing a complete event
  • added a tween param structure to allow for easier storing and re-initializing tweens with the same params.
  • there is no POCO, since it causes problems sometimes.