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GTS Wiki

Welcome to the GTS wiki. Here you will find a complete set of documentation for the plugin, outlining how to install, setup, configure and effectively use GTS.


GTS is a plugin inspired by the Global Trading Station service within the Pokemon games since Generation 4. With GTS 3.0, the range for its window has expanded. GTS now serves as a backend API, with an option for module based systems. Developers can hook into this and add their own entry types as well, permitting their usage within the GTS listing service. Along with such, developers may also create their own prices for items to use.


If you need any sort of help along the way, please refer to the Setup section on the right. Here, you will find pages detailing the start up process, as well as any future process, when installing and configuring the plugin.

Can't find something?

If you have any further questions that haven't been answered within this wiki, you can contact me in a number of ways.

  • Shoot me a PM on Discord (Please don't spam me)
  • Main Pixelmon Discord
  • Pixelmon Server Owner's Discord (Unofficial) - I'm there typically with the alias NickImpact
  • Submit an issue here on GitHub (probably best if you're reporting a bug)

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