An empty shell mvc app with history.js, cassette, and jasmine wired up.
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An empty "well structured" mvc4 app with some libraries blended in. Maguma is just a name for the solution.

Libraries/frameworks being added:

  • history.js
  • It just needs to know which are the important DIVs in the MVC 4 template app
  • Cassette
    • Just needs to know the locations of the bundles
    • In code just reference the bundles, and then render them
  • Jasmine linked to Cassette
    • Simply needs to know where jasmine spec files are
    • Then navigate to localhost:PORT/_cassette/jasmine/Private/specs/try1 (this is the basic example)
  • File Uploader is also included in another branch.
    • It has it's full test suite in a cassette-jasmine bundle