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What is Densify?

Densify is a handy app, that let's you put more text in less amount of symbols.

Wait, it will shorten my messages?

Yes and no. While your messages get physically shorter and contain less symbols in it, the letters are still not changed and the message looks like a normal piece of text.

Is this some kind of magic?

No, just science. The science of ligatures. Densify takes the text you typed and replaces them with ligatures - special symbols, that contain more than one letter in it. For example:

  • kcal becomes ㎉
  • cd becomes ㏅
  • a.m. or A.M. becomes ㏂

Will it shorten everything?

Sadly, no. Ligatures in modern devices are defined by Unicode Consortium, and there are not that much of them currently. Most of them are for expressing physical measure units, but some of those ore often seen in English words (like ㏊ or ㎜ or ㏌).

What languages does it support?

Currently Densify supports only Latin-based languages. In the future we plan on adding some Japanese and Arabic ligatures (such as ㌦ and ﷺ)

Wow, where can I try it?

Densify is still in development. Expect it to come out... eventually. I mean, if you're here, you probably are able to download the project and build it yourself.

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