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simple a/b/c/d/etc... routing for static pages

rocker-box randomly picks an html page to return at the same url on every load. i'm using this for a-b testing whole different pages instead of individual components, but it could easily be used for any page serving randomized content. enjoy!

  1. Create a folder to fill with static assets (or use "statics", which I provided)
  2. To serve from flat html files in your :statics_folder, set the value of :deep_or_flat_structure to 'flat' in the init method
  3. To serve from folders with proper index.html files, set the value of :deep_or_flat_structure to 'deep' in the init method
  4. The app will reset its pool on restart, so take the server down and bring it back up to add more to the pool

This software is provided without any warantee or guarantees of any sort. If you use this library in your works, I only ask that you provide a link to this github repo so others can find it too!