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@NickeManarin NickeManarin released this Oct 7, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

What's new?

• You can set the recorder window to follow your mouse cursor.
• You can add drop shadows (you can also set as an automated task).
• Now you can add the progress overlay as a task.
• Now you can add the border overlay as a task (also, you can set your border to expand outwards the frame).
• Encodings done with FFmpeg have now a progress indicator.
• The color selector has now a slider for the transparency and an eye dropper for sampling colors from your screen.
• You can control the starting number for the progress text when displaying the current/total number of frames.
• You can view the current time (cumulative) of the project based on the current selected frame (Statistics tab).
• There's a more reliable feedback sending mechanism in use.
• You can now insert lower case letters at the key strokes editor.
• Added option to not loop the animation during playback.
• Swedish and Korean translation were updated.
• Added Vietnamese translation.

Bug fixes:

♦ The screen recorder was pausing the recording when the windows were being dragged.
♦ Some typos were corrected.
♦ The triangle shape was impossible to use when regional/number settings were using comma as decimal separator instead of a period.
♦ Other types of progress overlays were shifted 1 frame ahead, so the last frame will represent 100% of the progress.
♦ When trying to edit the key strokes, there was a case in which you could not, because of a faulty validation preventing you from opening the window to edit.
♦ When manually switching from a zoom different than 100% (example: 140%) back to 100% and later opening and closing a panel,
the zoom would go back to the zoom 140% instead of staying at 100%.
♦ The tooltips for some buttons are now translatable.
♦ Fixed issues with some windows not opening at the correct position.
♦ Fixed the delay rounding for encoders v1 and v2, since gifs can only have delays of multiples of 10ms in each frame.

More info:

Known issues

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