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@NickeManarin NickeManarin released this Oct 1, 2020 · 9 commits to master since this release

What's new?

• Updated the German, Dutch and Hungarian localizations.

Bug fixes:

The FFmpeg video importer was ignoring a 270° rotation of videos.
When trying to download SharpDX to a folder in which you have no write permissions, the app was crashing. Now it asks if you want to elevate the process.
The troubleshooter was not able to reposition correctly the windows when the primary monitor had a scale different than x1.
The recorders where not able to be moved sideways (via arrow keys) correctly when the primary monitor had a scale different than x1 and while having other monitors with different scales.
The older recorder was not opening in the correct position after being closed when in a secondary monitor to the right, while the primary monitor had a scale different than x1.
By using the scroll wheel in the width and height number boxes, while having a screen scale different than 1, it was not moving the cursor to the correct position.
When switching from a smaller screen resolution to a bigger one, the screen selection was not updating and limiting itself to the new available size.
The selection mode of the new recorder was not displaying correctly in the secondary monitor to the left of the main monitor, if it had different scale.
It was possible to start updating the app while encodings were running. Now a warning appears explaining that there is an active encoding being processed.

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