ScreenToGif 2.4

@NickeManarin NickeManarin released this Jan 8, 2017 · 14 commits to master since this release

What's new?

• Drag and drop files from the encoder.
• Context menu for each completed encoding, providing some clipboard operations.
• License information available in the "About page".
• Error messages are now more user-friendly.
• You can now configure the location of the logs folder.
• The playback buttons are now disabled during the opening of a side panel.
• Now it remembers the clipboard paste behavior (Clipboard > Paste behavior).
• Updated Danish, Chinese (simplified) and Russian translations.

Bug fixes:

♦ If an action (from a panel such as "Save as") failed because of some validation or when closing with the top-right X button, the playback buttons would stay disabled.
♦ Undoing a transition left a frame that should be deleted.
♦ PageDown and PageUp jumps among various frames instead of one by one.
♦ Clipboard list was not being cleared after deleting the recording.
♦ Color picker: While returning to the initial color, the numbers were not replaced with the selected color.
♦ Wrong validation of negative numbers for numeric inputs.
♦ Error while pasting and undoing the pasting of frames (quickly).

Known bugs:

♠ OutOfMemory exception when importing videos.
♠ The crop feature fails when cropping a board recording (with high DPI);

Experimental features

• Full screen recording is now possible. Use carefully, it's not polished yet.
• There's a new encoder called "ScreenToGif", great for recordings with less than 256 colors, but it's slower.