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These are some issues that I receive a lot of feedback from, some of them happen because of third parties (for example, a system wide configuration or a system wide bug).

Types of issue

█ - Impenetrable issue, requires intervention by the developer, usually requiring code fixes and new releases of the software.
▓ - Blocking issue, requires intervention by the user (sometimes a external software needs to be installed or configured) but it's possible to circumvent.
░ - Noise issue, it's an annoyance but it does not slows down (so much) or blocks any action of the user.


  • ▓ Error after recording, while opening the editor window. (Windows 7)

  • ▓ The video importer keeps loading indefinitely

  • ▓ OutOfMemory exception when importing videos.

  • ▓ '{DependencyProperty.UnsetValue}' is not a valid value for property 'FocusVisualStyle' when opening a ComboBox. Please, help me find how exactly this can be triggered.

  • ░ When saving a gif using the overwrite option while the output file has a usage lock, no error appears.

  • █ The Cinemagraph feature does not work correctly when applying to a project with a different dpi than the screen.

  • ▓ The Gifski integration does not accept saving something in a path with Chinese characters, for example: "回复".

Experimental features

  • Full screen recording.
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