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How can I localize/translate screentogif.com?

First thing, check if the translation isn't already done! Or up to date.

Currently, the only way to translate the texts of the website is by opening the lang.js file provided below with your prefered text editor.

Acquiring the translatable texts

  1. Visit this link to open the English texts to translate.
  2. Copy the text to your preferred text editor or download the file if your browser prompts you to do so.
  3. If saving the text, please use the UTF-8 encoding.


It looks easy, but there's a bunch of texts to translate. If you feel like there's too much texts, you can translate partially and let others as it is. Any help is valuable, so thank you for your contribution!

You just need to translate the content inside the double quotes:

s_home: "Home", \\This is a comment

Example, English to Brazilian Portuguese.

s_home: "Início", \\This is a comment

The s_home is the key to the text translation, the comma after the translatable text is required if there's another line of text afterwards, and the text after the double slashes \\ is a comment and it should not be translated.

To represent a new line, you can use <br> and the browser will understand it.

s_source: "Source<br>Code",

After it's done

System Requirements

For Use

  • A potato. Actually, you need a reasonable computer.
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • .Net Framework 4.6.1

For Development

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