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Scripts and data from Dataquest's Guided Projects
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Guided Project- Police killings
Guided Project- Predicting the stock market
Guided Project- Star Wars survey
Guided Project- Transforming data with Python
Guided Project- Visualizing Pixar's Roller Coaster
Guided Project- Working with a SQLite database


Scripts and data from Dataquest's Guided Projects

Different projects will be in each folder in this repo. As I finish the projects, I will add a quick description here.

Projects: "Predicting the Stock Market" - Using sci-kit learn to create new features and practice using linear regression. "Police Killings" - Using Python to parse and analyze data on police killings. "Star Wars Survey" - Finding the most popular Star Wars movie using survey data. "Visualizing Pixar's Rollercoaster" - Practice using matplotlib and scripts. "Working with a SQLite Database" - Accessing SQLite database using scripts in Python. "Transforming data with Python" - Pretty much what the title says, practice fixing weirdly formatted data.

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