Hardware Installation

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Caution: You will overwrite the DFU Bootloader You wont be able to flash any hex file with Flip via DFU any more. Instead you can use avr-dude to flash .hex files to your 16u2 or 328/2560. You can burn the old DFU bootloader again if you want to.

If anything goes wrong while burning the bootloader you can 'brick' your Arduino. Then you cannot use your Arduino's 16u2 USB-Serial bridge any more (and programming via USB too) and you need a second working Arduino to burn the bootloader again. Normally this should not happen.

You have three options to burn the new bootloader:

Choose b) if you have more than one Arduino laying around. This way you are able to see some debug output. If you only have a single Arduino Uno/Mega option a) is your choice. Burning via ISP can be used for developing or people who already have an ISP set up.

a) Uno/Mega b) and c) Uno/Mega/Leonardo/Micro
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