Compiling with avr gcc 4.9.2 under Windows

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Extracted from the old Wordpress blog.

Yeah you heard right! The newest, hottest and sexiest avr-gcc is now available, for windows! This tutorial also works for older versions like 4.7.2 or 4.8.1 though. I still have no idea how to use 4.9.2 with linux, but at least 4.8.1 is working.

  1. The process is fairly simple. Download the "latest" WinAVR release and install it (it's very old).
  2. As described in the german tutorial download the lastest WinAVR compile patch from here.
  3. Backup the old release
  4. Copy and replace all new files into the WinAVR installation path.
  5. Check the version with an administrative cmd: avr-gcc -v
  6. Patch the WinAVR release with this solution if its not working.
  7. Compile your stuff. Try something like my HoodLoader2 bootloader.
  8. Thats it.

Optionally you can also try the official atmel toolchain as described here. Make sure that you remove WinAVR from your systems PATH variable then. You can access it via computer, properties, advanced settings, environment variables and add an entry at the bottom called "PATH" and add the paths listed there. At the date of writing this post, the atmel toolchain for windows "only" supports avr-gcc 4.8.1