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Google Analytics for Evolution
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Analytics4Evo RC1.3

Google Analytics for Evolution CMS Module, Plugin and widget


Info and Instructions at:

Analytics4Evo package includes:

  • Analytics4Evo Module: site Analytics reports overview
  • PageAnalytics4Evo Plugin: resource/page Analytics reports
  • DashboardAnalytics4Evo Plugin: Dashboard widget (require evo 1.3/1.4)

NOTE : this package is developed for Evolution cms 1.3/1.4 To work with 1.2 release you need to set to "modxevo" the "cms" option in module and plugin settings.

This package is based on Google Analytics Embed API JavaScript library and use Google Sign-In.

To Run this package you need Analytics API client ID and Table ID

For more informations about Creating a Google API Console project and client ID

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