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Given a list of URLs get their content and download images (or other data) from each page.
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Badly named npm package.

Given a list of URLs, this module will collect all the images on each URL and store them in separate PDF files.

Single steps are:

  • asynchronously get HTML content for each URL
  • extract image URLs using the given locator function (using after-load)
  • asynchronously collect all images and merge them to a PDF

Use case

I wanted to collect images of houses from several real estate websites, as inspiration.

Libraries used


npm -S i multiple-urls-images-downloader

How to use

NOTE: You always need to provide the Roboto fonts for the PDF generation (required by pdfmake). You can also provide additional custom fonts if you prefer.

const muid = require('multiple-urls-images-downloader');

const config = {
  // Mandatory list of URLs to inspect
  urls: ['url1', 'url2'],

  // Destination dir where to store the PDF files
  // Defaults to './documents'
  dir: './my_dir',

  // Defaults to the url without "/" or ":" or "."
  getTitle: url => url,

  // List of fonts
  fonts: {
    // Mandatory
    Roboto: {
      normal: './fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf',
      bold: './fonts/Roboto-Medium.ttf',
      italics: './fonts/Roboto-Italic.ttf',
      bolditalics: './fonts/Roboto-MediumItalic.ttf',
    // Optional
    customFont: {
      normal: 'path_to_font.tff',
      bold: 'path_to_font.tff',
      italics: 'path_to_font.tff',
      bolditalics: 'path_to_font.tff',

  // Mandatory
  // Locator function. muid will pass the html string and the $ cheerio object
  // ($ is provided by after-load)
  getImagesHref: (html, $) => {
    const images = [];
    $('img[src^="img/photos"]').each(function() {
    return images;

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