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function opts = getGlobalDefaults()
% Returns a structure with default option values for Manopt.
% function opts = getGlobalDefaults()
% Returns a structure opts containing the global default options such as
% verbosity level etc. Typically, global defaults are overwritten by solver
% defaults, which are in turn overwritten by user-specified options.
% See the online Manopt documentation for details on options.
% See also: mergeOptions
% This file is part of Manopt:
% Original author: Nicolas Boumal, Dec. 30, 2012.
% Contributors:
% Change log:
% Aug. 2, 2018 (NB):
% Changed default storedepth to 2 from 20, since solvers should now
% use storedb.erase() to keep the cache lean.
% There should be no reason to modify this file.
% For better compatibility with future Manopt versions,
% use the options structure of solvers.
% Really: don't modify it.
% Verbosity level: 0 is no output at all. The higher the verbosity, the
% more info is printed / displayed during solver execution.
opts.verbosity = 3;
% If debug is set to true, additional computations may be performed and
% debugging information is outputed during solver execution.
opts.debug = false;
% Maximum number of store structures to store. If set to 0, caching
% capabilities are not disabled, but the cache will be emptied at each
% iteration of iterative solvers (more specifically: every time the
% solver calls to purge the storedb).
opts.storedepth = 2;
% Maximum amount of time a solver may execute, in seconds.
opts.maxtime = inf;