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function M = constantfactory(A)
% Returns a manifold struct representing the singleton.
% function M = constantfactory(A)
% Given an array A, returns M: a structure describing the singleton {A} as
% a zero-dimensional manifold suitable for Manopt. The only point on M is
% the array A, and the only tangent vector at A is the zero-array of the
% same size as A.
% This is a helper factory which can be used to fix certain values in an
% optimization problem, in conjunction with productmanifold.
% See also: productmanifold euclideanfactory
% This file is part of Manopt:
% Original author: Nicolas Boumal, March 15, 2018.
% Contributors:
% Change log: = @() 'Singleton manifold';
M.dim = @() 0;
M.inner = @(x, d1, d2) 0;
M.norm = @(x, d) 0;
M.dist = @(x, y) 0;
M.typicaldist = @() 0;
M.proj = @(x, d) zeros(size(A));
M.egrad2rgrad = @(x, g) zeros(size(A));
M.ehess2rhess = @(x, eg, eh, d) zeros(size(A));
M.tangent = M.proj;
M.exp = @(x, d, t) A;
M.retr = M.exp;
M.log = @(x, y) zeros(size(A));
M.hash = @(x) 'z1';
M.rand = @() A;
M.randvec = @(x) zeros(size(A));
M.lincomb = @matrixlincomb;
M.zerovec = @(x) zeros(size(A));
M.transp = @(x1, x2, d) zeros(size(A));
M.pairmean = @(x1, x2) A;
M.vec = @(x, u_mat) u_mat(:);
M.mat = @(x, u_vec) reshape(u_vec, dimensions_vec);
M.vecmatareisometries = @() true;