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function store = incrementcounter(store, countername, increment)
% Increment a manopt counter in a store or storedb.
% function store = incrementcounter(store, countername)
% function store = incrementcounter(store, countername, increment)
% function incrementcounter(storedb, countername)
% function incrementcounter(storedb, countername, increment)
% Increment a counter by 1 (default) or by 'increment'. The counter itself
% is stored in a store structure (inside store.shared) or in a storedb
% object (inside storedb.shared); shared is a structure and countername is
% a string that will be used as field name to store the counter value.
% Since storedb objects are passed by reference, there is no need to
% collect the output of the function. For store structures on the other
% hand, it is necessary to collect the output and either store it, or
% return it further.
% This manopt tool is meant to be used in conjunction with statscounter.
% See also: statscounter statsfunhelper
% This file is part of Manopt:
% Original author: Nicolas Boumal, July 27, 2018.
% Contributors:
% Change log:
assert(isa(store, 'StoreDB') || ...
isstruct(store) && isfield(store, 'shared'), ...
['First input must be a store structure or a StoreDB object. ' ...
'The store structure must have the shared memory.']);
% If the counter does not exist yet, initialize it to 0.
if ~isfield(store.shared, countername)
store.shared.(countername) = 0;
% By default, increment counter by 1.
if ~exist('increment', 'var') || isempty(increment)
increment = 1;
% The counter is stored in the shared memory of the store or storedb,
% that is, it is not attached to a particular point on the manifold.
store.shared.(countername) = store.shared.(countername) + increment;
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